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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

From the outside you have it all together, but inside you feel overwhelmed with anxiety.

Does this sound like you? If so, you can benefit from anxiety treatment.

I feel like I’m always in a hurry, rushing around, trying to check everything off my “to-do” list.

My body feels tense, tight, and full of chaotic energy with nowhere to go.

I worry. A lot. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m worried about.

I feel panicky, on edge, and overwhelmed.

I’m afraid.

I rarely feel rested.  I have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting up in the morning.  My mind races the moment I lay down. I tell myself  “you have to fall asleep”, which makes it harder to actually fall asleep.  If I do fall asleep, I’m fearful that I will wake up feeling just as anxious as the day before, which immediately makes me feel more panicky.

It is hard to concentrate and stay focused and it’s really getting in my way.

You have tried managing alone, but you are feeling less and less self-confident.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 40 million adults are affected by anxiety each year.  You are not alone, anxiety is totally treatable, and anxiety treatment is effective!

We live in a world that’s go-go-go.  Slow is not always an option, much-less treated as valuable.  We are rushing to work, home from work, to the gym, to meet friends and loved ones, getting all the errands done, all while attempting to manage a constant state of anxiousness….it’s exhausting!  The good news, relief is possible and I am here to help.

Anxiety is getting in the way of my relationships.

Anxiety is an activation of our nervous system.  We are on alert, preparing for a threat.  When we are constantly worried about what our partner is doing, if we are doing everything right, and overrun with anxious thoughts our relationships are impacted.  Anxiety treatment helps you learn the skills to regulate yourself.  Focus on what is important in relationship instead of getting caught up in your spinning thoughts.

Ready to get back to feeling like YOU are in control of your life and your emotions?

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