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Individual Relationship Counseling

Thriving Relationships through Personal Growth.

Individual Relationship Counseling

Let’s face it: relationships can be challenging.

Individual relationship counseling may be a good fit if you have you had these thoughts:

“I can’t get out of my own head enough to really enjoy my relationship.”

“Why won’t _____ just do what I want them to?”

“How can I get _______ to listen to me?!”

“I have been cheated on again?”

“I don’t want to love ______anymore, but I do.”

“Nothing is changing! Working so hard to fix this relationship is exhausting.”

“I keep getting hurt over and over again.”

In addition, individual relationship counseling is a great option if:

Your partner is unwilling to participate in couples counseling.

You are ready to do YOUR work outside of your relationship.

You need space to explore your internal world.  Without the input, conflict, or pressure of your partner.

You are tired of repeating the same patterns and want your next relationship to be different.

Individual relationship counseling can help.

Our relationships with others tends to highlight our own “stuff’.  Also, we are not meant to go through life alone. As a result, insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, worry, and fear emerge when we are faced with relationship challenges.  Couples counseling is not always necessary to learn to show up more authentically.

You have done everything you know how to and now you feel stuck and discouraged.

“Why can’t I move past this?”.  Individual relationship counseling supports you in whatever stage of relationship you are in. Going through a break-up, divorce, currently in a relationship, or single relief is possible.

You want relationships that are fulfilling and meaningful. Yet, it is challenging to let others in and you push people away before you can truly get close to them.

Connection is important to you, so you stayed in a relationship despite the red flags.  Consequently, now that it has ended you are heartbroken.

You are not alone!

As humans, we are wired for connection.  Therefore, relationships are important to our well-being. We want them to be mutually satisfying. However, when we are feeling stuck internally, our relationships suffer.  Change and transformation are possible!  Often this comes down to loosening the grip we have on our relationships in order to strengthen the bond.

This is how I help through individual relationship counseling.

My approach is to help you better understand your patterns to create lasting change in your life.  I use an attachment based approach. That is, helping you identify and recognize how you relate to others.  Activation of our attachment system often results in feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and confusion.  Hence, our reactions to these situations often result in the unhelpful patterns that leave us feeling stuck.

Individual relationship counseling can help you feel more secure, confident, and empowered.  Most of all, I view our therapeutic relationship as the most valuable factor for change.  So, I believe in creating a safe and non-judgemental space. Especially relevant to creating an environment for you to dig deep, gain awareness, and heal.  In summary,  for you to show up as your best self in relationship.

Tired of repeating the same patterns? Ready to feel more empowered? Want meaningful and fulfilling relationships? Individual relationship counseling may be a good fit for you.

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