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As humans we are built for connection.


That means that we need and thrive in relationships. My counseling approach supports you in letting your best self shine in your relationships.

Let’s face it: relationships are tough.  They are challenging when we are in them, heartbreaking when they end, and frustrating when we can’t seem to get it right. Yet, I believe in relationships. I believe that in order to show up authentically in our relationships, we must do our own work.  You know those patterns that keep repeating over and over again? The ones that make us question everything?  There is a reason those patterns exist and until we uncover their purpose and create new meaning, they will continue.

Do you struggle to let others in or push people away before they can hurt you?

Did you open up in a relationship and feel as if the ground is falling from under you now that it has ended?


You are not alone.  Those ruminating thoughts and increased anxiety are the things that keep us stuck; feeling unfulfilled and without meaningful relationships.  Whether you are experiencing life transitions, increased anxiety and/or depression, unresolved trauma, or grief and loss (or a combination of all of those things), relief is here!  I provide a space that is non-judgmental and comforting for you to explore and express yourself. A place to be seen and be heard.


You are unique; I offer a counseling approach that is unique to you and….our RELATIONSHIP.


I believe in therapy.  It takes strength and courage to seek help through counseling. Through the therapeutic relationship, you share your world with me.  I offer an approach that provides new perspective, guidance in self-exploration, and support in reaching your therapeutic goals so you can get back to living a joyful life full of connection and authenticity. I practice a collaborative and technically eclectic counseling approach; this allows me to integrate a variety of treatment modalities unique to your needs and strengths.  These are the tools for you to create lasting change.

My passion is working with men and women who are ready to regain control of their lives and break unhelpful relationship patterns.

“As spheres of light, we overlap, sometimes blending for a time and often sparking illumination in each other.  What you admire in another is always latent within you, waiting to be awakened.” -P.C. Turczyn