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Zoetic Relationships


The word “zoetic” is an ancient word that is used to describe the vitality of life.  For something to be zoetic it must contribute to making life whole, contributing to a deeper meaning. For example, food, shelter, and water are all zoetic just as relationships, happiness, and love are.     

What is a zoetic relationship?  I believe this is one that allows you to feel sexy, passionate, secure, honest and confident.  It can be frustrating and draining to engage in unfulfilling relationships.  Often the past creeps its way into our current relationships, leaving us insecure and unsure of who we really are and what we really want.    

My personal experience of feeling unsatisfied, confused, and depressed in relationships was a catalyst for my passion in helping women feel confident within themselves so they can feel secure in their relationships. I was unhappy and angry but was unable to identify why.  When detrimental thoughts and feelings occur they can be potentially harmful to all relationships we have including our partners and ourselves.       

Whether you are single, married, have a partner, divorced, or going through a divorce or are  a mother, sister, daughter, wife, or friend relationships are a vital part of our life, contributing to our well-being.  I am passionate about supporting you in becoming confident and secure to love yourself and others!

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