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Becky Natenberg, LPC

Finding a Denver therapist can be overwhelming.  I would bet that if you have arrived here, you may be looking at other Denver therapists as well.  My hope is that this page will help make it easier for you to determine if we are a good fit, so you don’t have to go into countless offices and repeat your story over and over again.

So here you go,

I am most fulfilled when I am living a life of balance.  My work as a Denver therapist is incredibly valuable to me. Staying up to date on current best practices and attending trainings and conferences is imperative.  I strive to build my knowledge and clinical skills through continuing education so I can provide you with the best treatment.

That being said, pleasure is equally as important.  Adventure and playfulness allow me to show up the as the best version of myself.  Yogi. Mountain biker. Snowboarder. Social gatherer.  As a Denver therapist I like to get out on the weekends and rejuvenate in nature.  Connecting to my body through yoga and exercise allows me to feel grounded and attuned.  In treatment, you will learn to value the wisdom of your body and get away from the ruminating thoughts in your head.

Most importantly, I want you to have the opportunity for emotional, mental, and physical wellness.  We must nurture ourselves so we can tend to others.

I am an active therapist. If you are looking for the “How does that make you feel/Uh huh”-type, I’m probably not your gal.  I understand what it feels like to be on both sides of the couch. The best counselors have walked their own path of personal growth and healing.   My clients appreciate my authentic, candid, and supportive approach.

I know that we must feel better about ourselves to feel better about life.  If you connect with what you see here, let’s get you back to feeling like YOU!

For all of you interested in my more academic qualifications, here you go!

My Bachelors in Psychology was obtained from University of Colorado-Boulder.  I received my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.  In Colorado, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC#13374).  I am certified to treat trauma using EMDR therapy.

My experience includes working in a variety of treatment settings: rural mental health in Alabama, child and adolescent day treatment, wellness based day treatment counseling adolescent girls and their families, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and of course a Denver therapist in private practice, specializing in individual relationship counseling, trauma, and anxiety.

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