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Therapy for you, the anxious lover.

Trauma treatment, anxiety treatment, and individual relationship counseling.



Is your anxiety becoming too overwhelming?

Has anxiety and panic become the thing you fear the most? Are you anxious about relationships, worrisome about the future, or stuck in a trauma of the past?  Maybe it is combination of all those things, which is very common.  Have you noticed that your body is often tense and your thoughts seem to spiral?  This is a typical anxiety response that can be worked with through anxiety treatment.

Feeling a constant state of anxiety and worry is scary and often debilitating. 

Anxiety impacts our relationships with others, how we function at work, and most importantly how we view ourselves.  Maybe you believe that you are weak for feeling this way or that you “should” be able to figure it out.  (If you choose to work with me, you will soon learn how much I loathe the word “should”).  The truth is: your body and brain are reacting to a perceived threat.   A reaction that in another situation is probably super helpful! But not so much in your day to day life.

Anxiety therapy with me will include a combination of mindfulness, coping tools, nervous system regulation, and understanding patterns that may contribute to your anxiety.

Anxiety treatment can help you retrain your body to a new level of functioning.  My hope is for you to learn to trust yourself and your body so you have control over anxiety instead of it controlling you.  Click here to learn more about anxiety treatment. 


Are you tired of the same fights over and over again with your partner?

Has conflict become the expectation in your relationship?  It is hard enough to keep up with all that’s expected of us:  career, friends, family, a household, and social obligations, that walking on eggshells in our relationship leads to ultimate exhaustion.   I call this the unhelpful relationship dance.  The cycle that repeats time and time again, it starts the same and ends the same, often feeling unresolved.  The missing ingredient is healthy resolution to break the cycle.  Although conflict is a healthy part of relationships, I see people who struggle to repair after a conflict.  This is a critical step.   I help you to understand your role and where you have control in order to create a new, more balanced dance.  Click here to learn more about individual relationship counseling.

Do you try endlessly to fix what’s wrong, but nothing you do seems to be good enough?

Have you received feedback about your communication, or lack thereof? Been told you are too sensitive, or not sensitive enough?  Have those messages become part of how you view yourself? “There must be something wrong with me”.  “I’m the reason for everything that’s wrong in my relationship.” “I’m not good enough; otherwise I would be able to fix it.” Sound familiar?

We are built for connection, therefore when our relationships are hurting, so are we.

Many times we do not have healthy relational role models; leaving us guessing as to what a healthy relationship looks like.  These distorted views of ourselves often come from our past and over time we believe them to be our truth.  I am here to help you overcome the messages you may have received and cultivate a new truth: a healthy, loving relationship with yourself so you can have fulfilling relationships with others.


“Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you.” Gabor Maté describes trauma primarily as an inner injury due to difficult or hurtful experiences. In his definition, “trauma is what happens within someone as a result of hurtful events”.

Is the mask you wear on the outside very different than what you feel inside?

Trauma can greatly impact our relationship with ourselves and with others.  Often we develop coping skills that protected us during adversity.  We learn to keep how to internally separate from what we show on the outside.  This was necessary and adaptive to our survival.   However, pain and hurt can cause us to build walls, keeping others at distance for self-protection.

The fear of vulnerability prevents us from connection and the meaningful relationships we long for.

You long for connection, love, and respect.  You want to be seen and to be heard.  As a trauma and relationship therapist, I get it.  Now the very things that protected you are preventing you from getting what you want: a healthy, balanced, mutually respectful relationship.

I believe in helping you integrate your internal and external worlds to feel whole again.

To learn more about trauma treatment and EMDR therapy click here. If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place! If you are ready to make changes in your life, relate to the idea that in order to have healthy relationships we must look inside ourselves, and are eager to connect to who you truly are we may be a good fit.

Therapy can be intimidating and making it this far shows your bravery and courage.  As a trauma and relationship therapist I believe in healing our whole person.  Let’s begin your journey of healing from your past, embracing your present, and cultivating your future.